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Billy McKelvey
Founder of McKelvey Consulting Group (MCG)
and a 24-year veteran law enforcement officer.




Meet McKelvey

  • 24 year law enforcement officer
  • Experience at all levels, City, County and State from patrol to division commander
  • Undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration
  • Graduate degree (progress of completing) in Strategic Leadership
  • SWAT – former team member
  • CLEET- former staff instructor
  • Jail – Assistant Jail Administrator 1700 bed facility
  • Jail – Commander over Jail investigation/Intelligence gathering
  • Courthouse – Division Commander
  • Supervisor – Internal Affairs Investigation
  • Court experience
    • 30(b)(6)
    • Witness for the US Attorney’s office Civil Rights Division
    • Arbitration witness (wrongful termination)
  • Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET)
    • CLEET Advanced Certification
    • Terrorism Certification
    • Defensive Tactics Instructor i.e., Hand-to-Hand/Knife
    • Firearms Instructor, i.e., handgun/shotgun/rifle
    • FLETC (Federal L.E. Academy-Defensive Tactics Instructor School)
    • Law Enforcement Driver Training – Instructor

Is your company safe and secure?

Do you have the peace of mind that your company,

customers and employees will not be the next victim? 

What we do

Crime is at an all time high with murder, rape and violent assaults right here in our backyard. Property crimes like vandalism, larceny and burglary are now an everyday reality for your business.

MCG offers midnight shift patrol services.  Let us ensure your business is safe and secure while closed.  If your business does becomes a victim, let us respond, prepare reports for your insurance company and work with the Tulsa Police Department so you do not have to.  

Your company, your customers and your employees are our top priority.  While you focus on building and growing your company let us focus on your the safety and security needs.  

Could your company benefit from our services?

For companies of all sizes with an emphasis on active shooter protocols, workplace safety and emergency action plans. 

Services for individuals, small to large corporations, insurance companies and law firms. 

Comprehensive, integrity based, quality armed and unarmed onsite security for commercial businesses in Oklahoma. We provide top of the line trained officers and are committed to being the best in the industry to provide you safety, security and peace of mind. 


"I have been involved in the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Dept as a partner since 2005 and a large part of that time I worked with Billy McKelvey. Billy is above all honest and extremely trustworthy his work ethic is unmatched and his knowledge of law enforcement, security and personal protection and safety are very hard to find. I would and do trust him completely."

Skip Smith

Regional Acct Mgt, CenturyLink, Inmate services