Honest | Trustworthy | Unmatched Work Ethic

“I have been involved in the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Dept as a partner since 2005 and a large part of that time I worked with Billy McKelvey. Billy is above all honest and extremely trustworthy his work ethic is unmatched and his knowledge of law enforcement, security and personal protection and safety are very hard to find. I would and do trust him completely.”

Skip Smith

Regional Acct Mgt, CenturyLink, Inmate services

“First time I met Billy was in 2004 at CLEET-Defensive Tactics Instructor School. Over the years I’ve watched Billy grow not only as a police officer but in his teaching abilities. Billy’s passion in preventing citizens from becoming a victim and his high degree of ethical values is why I’ve chosen to support him. You should give him a call and give him the opportunity to help protect your business and employees, you will not regret it.”

Chris Morris

Pittsburgh County Sheriff

“I have known Billy McKelvey for seven years. In that time he has proven to be honest, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. Being in the aviation field poses a unique set of circumstances when it comes to global security. He has not only provided a security threat assessment for my professional environment but also for my personal residence. I highly recommend MCG for your security needs.”

Brent Bradford

Chief Pilot